Award-Winning Grain Conveyors

Get the job done faster with the Televeyor Model 1630, featuring a 16″ tube and 30″-wide conveyor belt. Improves turnaround time by a minimum of 20%-30%.

Envision. Invent. Build.

At DeKoning Innovations, we’re driven to create and build products that improve farm productivity, helping producers make their grain operations more efficient. We work hard to find solutions that meet producers’ needs, from the award-winning Televeyor and Xpress grain conveyors, to the Xpress Yard Cart and Power Lift. Discover how the DeKoning line of grain handling equipment can help you get the job done faster and smarter.

Televeyor 1630


You’ll start unloading sooner, and you’ll unload faster, with the award-winning Televeyor! Two available models. ​ Find the Televeyor that’s perfect for your grain operation. » learn more

Dekoning Televeyor Model 1324


Televeyor is used for filling grain legs and grain elevators and is a better alternative to competitors’ drive-over conveyors or built-in pits. Especially suited for seed growers. » learn more

DeKoning Televeyor with grain bagger

Televeyor for Grain Baggers

The perfect match! Pair a Televeyor with your grain bagger for improved bagging efficiency. » learn more

Dekoning Yard Cart side view

Xpress Yard Cart

Work in the Xpress lane! The new self-propelled Xpress Yard Cart features patent-pending driving technology: lateral mode for moving sideways, and pivot mode for moving in an arc to reach multiple tanks. » learn more